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File Wrappers


I recieved the information that the document I ordered is "方式未完(houshiki-mikan)" (the formality check is not yet completed). Is it possible to know when will it be available?


In most cases, a document becomes available in a couple of weeks to one month after it is issued in or filed to the JPO. However, there also are the cases sometimes which take more than two or three months, so we cannot guarantee when a certain document will be available.

Japio recommends to place an order again after a couple of weeks if your ordered document is not yet finished its availability check. However, please note that it is your responsibility when to place an order, and the minimum fees (inspection fee and basic fee) will be charged even if the ordered document is still not available.

Japio also provides the electronic file wrapper watching service, by which the status of a file wrapper of interest to you is inspected periodically and and information on the updated documents are delivered automatically. The cycle of inspection can be specified in advance.