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Copy services of patent procedural documents

Frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Japio's services and activities. These FAQs are sorted by categories. Please select the most relevant category and search for your question.

1.File Wrappers

Q. How many days should I expect for delivery?

Q. I already have the copy of the request for examination. Is it possible to obtain the documents added to an electronic file wrapper after the request for examination?

Q. I ordered the copy of a document but only the document list was delivered.

Q. I have ordered the copy of a paper-based file wrapper, but all I obtained was the paper that indicates "廃棄処分のため閲覧不可(haiki-syobun-no-tame-etsuran-huka)"(Scrapped: not available).

Q. Is it possible to confirm the total amount of fees for paper-based file wrapper copies before the order ?

Q. I recieved the information that the document I ordered is "方式未完(houshiki-mikan)" (the formality check is not yet completed). Is it possible to know when will it be available?


Q. What are the earliest available registers for inspection?

Q. What is the difference between "certicified" copies and "uncerticified" copies?

3.Cited Documents

Q. Is it possible to order non-patent literatures cited by certain documentts other than notificaion of reasons for refusal?

Q. The term for submitting an argument against the reasons for refusal is about to expire and I need the cited non-patent literature before the deadline.

Q. The copies of cited documents sent from the JPO is printed unclear. Do you provide clear copies?

Q. Is it possible to order not only the cited part but also the other parts of the cited literature?

Q. Do you provide the scanning of non-patent literatures?

Q. Is it possible to obtain the cited documents concerning other applicant's application?

4.Patent Gazettes

Q. How should I order the copies of Japanese gazette pages?